• Hello Guest. This is a quick server wide announcement letting you all know that our Terms and Rules have been updated. It is very important that we take this opportunity to inform you of these updates and would kindly ask you to follow this link. to read them for yourself.

Terms and rules

DarkZone Code of Conduct & Rules:

Age Restriction:

The DarkZone is intended to be used by adults ONLY. Users found to be under the age of 18 are not permitted & will be banned permanently there are no exceptions to this rule!


Prohibited Content Types:

While we here at the DarkZone host a variety of adult related content & we support freedom of expression, uncensored media, etc there are certain types of content that is against our terms of service & rules. These types of content are restricted (but not limited to):

  • Fetish Pornography. (Child, Zoo, Animal Crush, etc.)
  • Images & videos of explicit animal cruelty/torture” (E.G: Zippo Cat, Luka Magnotta, etc.)
  • Any other form of illegal content governed by the law.


General Etiquette & Decency Act:

While we here at the DarkZone respect everybody’s right to free speech, freedom of expression, etc. Members are asked to follow basic common decency & respectful etiquette when interacting with other members of our community.   Things that breach our Etiquette & Decency act are (but not limited to):

  • Disrespectful arguments. (Name calling, targeted abuse, verbal assault.)
  • Blatant bigotry. (Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Personal character attacks. (Accusations of paedophilia, zoophillia, etc.)
  • Threats of any sort. (Violence, doxing, stalking, etc)
  • Sending unwarranted or unwanted private messages. (Sexual or non-sexual.)


NOTE: If you feel as though your safety is at risk or a user has abused their PM privileges then we urge you to please contact the DarkZone Staff team immediately!

NOTE 2:  DarkZone Staff members reserve the right to determine whether your “joke” was in poor taste they have the right to remove your comment & take disciplinary action as necessary.

Multiple Accounts:

The DarkZone does not allow multiple accounts (aka: Sock accounts) for any individual user. Users found with multiple accounts will have all their multiple accounts banned.


Posting Private Information (aka: Doxing) :

The posting of personal identifying information on the DarkZone whether in private or publicly (unless explicit permission is given by the user) is EXPLICITY against the rules. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Posting real world names. (First, middle or last name)
  • Posting real world addresses. (Country location, IP address, mailing address, etc.)
  • Posting pictures of the individual or their family.
  • Posting phone numbers. (Mobile, home phone, etc.)

NOTE:  DarkZone Staff members reserve the right to determine whether your comment was doxing & they have the right to remove your comment & take disciplinary action as necessary.


Native Languages:

The DarkZone hosts members from all over the world, we understand that not all our members are from native English speaking countries. However we do expect that our members have a basic understanding of English and that they post in the public forum using English (this includes usernames).



Spamming is not only obnoxious but it is intrusive to our forums health. Members caught spamming or phishing will have their forum permissions revoked.


Note: Staff reserve the right to ban members they deem to be excessively spamming, using a spam bot or phishing for user information.


DarkZone Invitations:

Currently the DarkZone is an invitation only forum. This means that all of our members with forum access are given access only by invitation from one of our staff members. If you believe you would be a good fit for a forum member, or you would like to nominate a member to become part of our forum then you should email d4rkz0ne@protonmail.com with your application.




Important Note:

The DarkZone Staff reserve the right to update & modify these rules at any given time. Users are expected to keep a regular check on the rules page so that they can be sure they are keeping up to date with all of our rules and regulations. Failing to do so is at your own risk!