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The girl fell from the first tallest building in Huizhou

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December 26, 2006 09:28 Southern News Network
The girl fell from the first tallest building in Huizhou

At least 20 years old, born in Henan, initially determined to commit suicide, no family members have come to recognize the body

(Reporter Li Gengxiang) At 13 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, a Henan woman who was less than 20 years old fell from the World Trade Center, the tallest building in Huizhou. When the girl fell, she hanged on a fan-shaped canopy at a height of 10 meters. The firefighters used an elevated fire truck to take their bodies back to the ground. Due to the location of the building in the downtown area, thousands of people were attracted to the scene, causing traffic jams on the road for more than an hour. Initially, the cause of the fall was suicide, and the police are conducting further investigations.

The location of the incident was located at the prosperous section of the south bank of Huizhou City. At 13:20 in the afternoon, the reporter rushed to the scene and found that the body of a young woman in a camouflage uniform was hung on a metal frame of a fan-shaped canopy 10 meters above the ground of the building. The legs of the body were separated from the body. The tempered glass that was cracked in the metal frame was crumbling, and there was a large amount of blood on the ground. Since yesterday was Christmas, there were many pedestrians on the street, and thousands of onlookers on the scene caused serious traffic jams on the road. The traffic police rushed to the scene to maintain order.

The medical staff of Huizhou Central People's Hospital rushed to the scene to stand by. The firefighters then rushed to the scene and used the elevated fire truck lift to remove the woman's body from the decorative canopy. The doctor confirmed that he had died on the spot. The vehicle of the funeral parlor immediately took the woman’s body away. Since the building has 42 floors and there are some vacant rooms on the upper floors, no one knows which floor she fell from. The reporter came upstairs and found that some vacant rooms did not have a gate, and the windows in the room were about 1 meter above the ground.

It is understood that this is the second fatal accident in Huizhou's tallest building this year. On April 5 this year, a middle-aged man also jumped from the 36th floor of the building and died on the spot.
(Southern Metropolis Daily)

(Staff edit: More pics and full report in the forum.)


As sad as it is to say this, but that takes some balls to be standing up there, looking over the edge and actually jump! That person wants to die ☹️

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